Death in Holmcrag

An Unlucky Afternoon

Session 1.5

The party explores the sewers under Orc Town, which appear to be re-purposed Dwarven tunnels. A dog-sized spider deals a grievous wound to Eero-Esa before Hrothgar runs it through with his claymore. Eero-Esa and Tim the Ironborn take the opportunity to turn Tim’s torch into a spirited fire elemental named CHAZ!. Digging through the spider’s lair only nets them the face of a mummified orc.

Exploring an alternate route through the tunnels, they eventually come out into the basement of The Grinning Viper – the very tavern in Harbour Town that Whistler’s Troupe was known to frequent. After a brief altercation with the bartender about why they were in his basement (that almost came to blows), the door slammed open. Several walking dead stumbled in, followed by a dwarvish Wraith that pointed at the bartender and shrieked.


Brantai Brantai

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