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Prettier Character Sheets by Chaviro

One-Page Rules Primer

One-Page Combat Primer

Misc Tables

Wound Severity Consequence Stun Heal Time
Superficial - frail 2 weeks
Nasty - normal 3 weeks
Grievous -1D hard 4 weeks
Grim -2D^ hard 5 weeks
Mortal incapacitated - 6 weeks
Value Coin Equivalent
Beggary penniless
Pauper coin pouch of irons
Poor a few silvers
Well Off pouch of silvers
Wealthy a few gold coins
Rich coin pouch of gold
Very Rich sacks of gold
Regal a vault full of gold
Legendary unbelievable riches
Difficulty Target
Easy 2
Tricky 4
Hard 6
Severe 8
Extreme 10
Insane 12

When creating a character, set your DST to Fantasy Dice.

Play Aids

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