Old Town

Old town was delved out of the mountains by the Dwarves of the Iron Kingdoms, & remains primarily subterranean with the occasional stone bridge between cliff walls. As a matter of treaty, Old Town is ruled by Dwarvish law and has it’s own Lord – Orgar Stormhands of KhrumĂ®n.

Gate Town

Originally a separate city built by the Elves, the two cities grew into each other after the peace between the Elven and Dwarven empires.

Harbour Town

Harbour Town grew out of the coastal confluence of both Old Town & Gate Town. As the largest port on the Rocky Sea, Harbour Town is the most diverse & colorful district in Holmcrag – and a place where press gangs & cutpurses thrive.

Orc Town

Orc town used to be known as South Gate, until the recent invasion by the Ashbark Orc tribe. While it was a slum before, the occupation has made life even more miserable for the poor that live there. While the occupation has decreased the number of Orc raids on the city, it also introduced a third Lord of Holmcrag. In recent days the Senshoul Lord of Orc Town Ogmok has been pressing the Ruling Council to include seats for Orcs in addition to the traditional Elves, Dwarves and Elnar.

Gods Town

While the Empire considers Holmcrag to be their protectorate, the treaty that allows Old Town to be ruled by Dwarven law meant the Imperial Cult could not be the exclusive legal religion in Holmcrag. As a result, the Heartlanders that migrated here felt free to establish temples to their many minor gods. These all clustered together in the space between the Elven Gate Town and Dwarven Old Town, and collectively became known as Gods Town.


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