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  • Madak of Ashbark

    Maah’dakhvemsehtse of Ashbark (called Madak by most non-senshoul) was talespinner of the Ashbark tribe when they invaded & occupied the area of Holmcrag now called Orc Town. She was exiled from her tribe (and barred from Orc Town) shortly after the …

  • Nukka the Smiler

    A notorious crimelord, Nukka the Smiler runs the Harbour Town gambling den/brothel called the House of Jade & Ivory. A series of well-placed bribes & a sizable cache of blackmail material ensures the authorities (whether Dwarven, Elven, Orc or Elnar) …

  • CHAZ!

    CHAZ! was instructed to obey the commands of [[:tim | Tim the Ironborn]] upon his Binding. For reasons not entirely clear, CHAZ! understands & speaks Elvish with a skill of D6.

  • Steve

    Bits n' Bobs is a pawn shop that for sure does not sell stolen items. Steve is not a fence, but a completely legitimate pawnbroker.

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