Death in Holmcrag

A Lucky Morning
Session 1

Tim, dealing with the corpses.    The party is awoken by a rooster crowing.  They head downstairs to discover the patrons of the Brass Unicorn – an armored woman, two dock workers and the innkeeper himself – had been slaughtered and infected with the Rot.  Initial investiagtion showed that only one person (and some sort of spider-like creature?) had committed the murders, and that one survivor had left through the back.

    Tim the Ironborn destroyed the heads and hearts of the corpses to prevent them from rising as Wraiths or Walking Dead.  Tucked into the woman's armor, he found a note reading "Across from Vermin-Eaters in the Carcass.  Knock thrice, then twice, then thrice.

Across from Vermin-Eaters in the Carcass.  Knock thrice, then twice, then thrice.    At that point, the Constabulary began knocking on the door and the party retreated out the back.  A short while later, they regroup and attempt to puzzle out what just happened.  Hrothgar recalls that "Vermin-Eaters" is a rat catcher's in the Carcass neighborhood of Orc Town.  At that point, Content Not Found: val (the lone survivor of the massacre at the Inn), recognizes his former acquaintance Eero-Esa and approaches the group.

    The group decides to follow the note's lead and heads to Vermin-Eaters.  Hrothgar and Nol do their best to look inconspicuous while Eero-EsaTim and Content Not Found: val knock thrice, then twice, then thrice on the door of the shack across the street.  The door swings open on the first knock, revealing a nondescript hovel without much more than a pile of straw and a half-used candle.

    The straw pile turns out to be hiding a trap door to some dwarf-built tunnels, which someone has been keeping lit with torches.  In the tunnels they discover an unlocked door which used to be trapped, behind which is a decently-appointed bedroom whose apparent owner has been strangled to death and infected with Rot.  Hrothgar recognizes the wide-mouthed snake tattoo on his arm as being the hallmark of a gang called "Whistler's Troupe" that used to drink at a Harbour Town bar called the Grinning Viper.


An Unlucky Afternoon
Session 1.5

The party explores the sewers under Orc Town, which appear to be re-purposed Dwarven tunnels. A dog-sized spider deals a grievous wound to Eero-Esa before Hrothgar runs it through with his claymore. Eero-Esa and Tim the Ironborn take the opportunity to turn Tim’s torch into a spirited fire elemental named CHAZ!. Digging through the spider’s lair only nets them the face of a mummified orc.

Exploring an alternate route through the tunnels, they eventually come out into the basement of The Grinning Viper – the very tavern in Harbour Town that Whistler’s Troupe was known to frequent. After a brief altercation with the bartender about why they were in his basement (that almost came to blows), the door slammed open. Several walking dead stumbled in, followed by a dwarvish Wraith that pointed at the bartender and shrieked.

A Bloody Battle
Episode 1.75


Baiting the Hook
Episode 2

The party is contacted by Brother Egil, a librarian-priest at the temple of Ktema in Godstown, to find his missing friend Lucius.

A Promising Line of Inquiry
Episode 3

The party’s investigations lead them to be attacked by a band of mercenaries Hrothgar recognizes as “The Yellow Shields”

The Truth Sinks In
Episode 4

The party discovers a note on the leader of the Yellow Shields with the address of a tavern, the Black Gull. When they investigate, they discover a tailor named Enzo hired the mercenaries to attack the PCs at the behest of someone he only knows as The Master in order to gain membership to something called The Brotherhood. Nol steals the memories of their headquarters and the party leaves his body in an alley.

The entrance to the lair of the Brotherhood is an abandoned house in Old Town, through a false wine barrel in the basement. The tunnels are finely constructed, but not of a make Tim recognizes.

After some exploration uncovering a handful of books in what looks like an archaic form of Serpent Tongue. The party bursts in on Milos & four robed cultists about to sacrifice Lucius. They quickly dispatch all five adversaries, at which point the deceased Milos turns into some sort of snake person.


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