Death in Holmcrag

The Truth Sinks In

Episode 4

The party discovers a note on the leader of the Yellow Shields with the address of a tavern, the Black Gull. When they investigate, they discover a tailor named Enzo hired the mercenaries to attack the PCs at the behest of someone he only knows as The Master in order to gain membership to something called The Brotherhood. Nol steals the memories of their headquarters and the party leaves his body in an alley.

The entrance to the lair of the Brotherhood is an abandoned house in Old Town, through a false wine barrel in the basement. The tunnels are finely constructed, but not of a make Tim recognizes.

After some exploration uncovering a handful of books in what looks like an archaic form of Serpent Tongue. The party bursts in on Milos & four robed cultists about to sacrifice Lucius. They quickly dispatch all five adversaries, at which point the deceased Milos turns into some sort of snake person.


Brantai Brantai

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